6 Blogs Every Small Business Should Be Taking Inspiration From – Part 2

Here we are with the second part of this post dedicated to best small business blogs. A lot of people appreciated the First Part so I’m hope you’ll like this too.

6 Blogs Every Small Business Should Be Taking Inspiration From



Design an MBA

Megan is a designer and an internet expert. She decided to transform her passion into a job and now she sells bags, scarf, jewels with original and unique design. She writes two blogs, one more related to her shop, Make a Statement Every Day, where every day she shares a new outfit inspired by one of her pieces. The other blog, Designing an MBA, she shares tips about social media marketing, managing a small business, etc…


  • The idea of sharing a new outfit every day is very original and helps the blog to stand out among others

  • Designing an MBA is a very helpful blog for every small entrepreneur and gives very practical tips.



Some post to take a look to:




Studio 404

Let’s enter in the world of Angel, a graphic designer and web developer located in Orlando. She co-owns an agency with her husband and she sells prints and cards on Etsy. She shares her path as entrepreneur, her work, and tips for every online business on her blog.


  • I like the images she creates for the blogposts.  They are simple to share and perform well on social media like pinterest, because of their colors and lettering.

  • At the bottom of every blog post you’ll always find a banner to subscribe to her newsletter and one product showcased with a discount code.




Some post to take a look to:



Jenny Highsmith

When you first visit Jen’s blog you’ll immediately see her smiling face and big belly, a very warm welcome indeed. Jenny is a graphic designer and sells art prints with particular lettering.

She writes about her work and the things she loves, from fashion to home decor. She also offers freebies like wallpaper and wall art.


  • She has a very friendly and fun style

  • I like the big photos of Jen and others that she puts on the sidebar





Some post to take a look to:



The private life of a girl

Sophie is the creator of this blog, she’s British and sells jewelry designed and created by her. Her jewels are very simple, with clean and clear design that I really loved. The same clear design is can be seen on her blog where she talks about beauty, lifestyle and fashion.


  • Thanks to the clear design, every images really pops up from the page.

  • It’s very simple to follow her on social networks and share her images on Pinterest.




Some post to take a look to:





Sketch Inc

The creator of Sketch Inc is Becky, a British girl who sells brooches, plates, notebook, prints and other lovely products. She’s got a really clean style with a palette of very pale colors. The same calm feeling is simple to find on her blog, where she talks about the making of her products, what she enjoys and Etsy tips for other sellers like her.


  • An aspect that I appreciate about Becky is the fact she gives so much helpful advice to other sellers like her

  • What you immediately feel reading her blog is the fact that she’s super creative, her photos are unique and you’ll want to continue to read her blog for hours


Some post to take a look to:

I hope you appreciate these blogs as much as I do and find the inspiration for yours.


Do you have a blog? Put it in the comment below.




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  • http://studio-404.com/ Angel Y.

    Thank you so much for featuring my blog on this list! This is such a thorough list with great tips for small businesses and Etsy sellers. :)

    • http://fanchimp.com/ Nicoletta @Fanchimp

      It was a pleasure Angel, thank you for leaving this comment. Have a nice day!

  • Becky Kemp

    aarh! just seen your post! thank you so much for featuring my blog

    • http://fanchimp.com/ Nicoletta @Fanchimp

      Hi Becky! I really appreciate your comment! It was a pleasure for me to feature your blog.