6 Blogs Every Small Business Should Be Taking Inspiration From

So, you decided to open a blog related to your business. Good idea but only if you do it in the right way, and I’m not talking about technique or design, it’s the content that counts.

 6 Blogs Every Small Business Should Be Taking Inspiration From


Blogging is about great content

I’m sure I said this on other posts but I’m also sure that it’s important to repeat it over and over again. You won’t increase your sales if you just promote yourself and your business over and over on your blog. Why? Let me explain that.

As the definition on Wikipedia says, a blog is a discussion or informational site with discrete entries. So if you just use it to promote your products, you won’t create any discussions provide information other than about your products.


So, make sure you open a blog if you have something to say.


If your blog is already ‘live’ be sure you’re doing it in the right way. To help you get inspired or learn from people who are already blogging, I created this list of small business blogs.




Chiara and Irene are two italians girls who decided to turn their graduation project into a handmade business. They create textiles like tea towels and placemats.

I discover their blog just last week and decided to include it here as example because they do a terrific job.

  • Despite the fact the blog has just opened in October, it has already gained lots of popularity.

  • The graphic design they chose is very clean, without too many colors, and that’s great because it highlights the content and especially the photos.

  • The photographs are perfectly made and they all share the same style: vintage and boho.

  • The topics are different: tutorials, interviews, stories from their personal life.


Get Inspired by These Small Business Blogs

Some posts to take a look at:



Rosaspina Vintage

Ale is a clothes designer, artist and illustrator.  She lives in the same city as Chiara and Irene, Turin. Yes, this is my city too. She sells vintage clothing designed by her and sewn by her mother. The blog talks about different things, from fashion to photography.

  • The photographs are just stunning, they completely fit the vintage style of the Rosaspina clothing line.

  • Reading her blog and looking at the pictures you have the feeling she’s done her research into the words and objects she presents.

  • The blog is easy to navigate and it’s simple to share photos and posts on social networks

  • She shares different posts about her personal life.


Get Inspired by These Small Business Blogs


Some posts to take a look to:



Fox & Brie

Jess is the owner of Fox & Brie, a line of handcrafted menswear, specializing in bow ties, neckties and other men’s accessories. She is from Austin, Texas. The main reason I follow her blog is because I’m a graphic designer and she usually shares posts about packaging design, patterns, etc…

  • By following her blog you easily learn about her style and what colors and graphics she likes.

  • She writes post for the target market of her shop but also about things she likes and her personal life.

  • It’s worth a look at Fox & Brie’s Pinterest account, it’s perfectly organized with numerous inspiring boards.



Get Inspired by These Small Business Blogs


Some post to take a look to:




Tilly and the buttons

Tilly is a British woman who 4 years ago decided to change her life and pursue her dream of becoming a sewer. Now Tilly creates user friendly guides and patterns to sewing your own clothes.  She has also written a book:  Love at First Stitch. Reading her blog you can feel the energy and the creativity she puts into doing her job. I think it’s the power of doing what you love.

  • I love the fact that she is the writer of the blog but also the model for her sewing patterns.

  • Other than selling patterns and guides she also provides some of them for free on her blog to show her skills.

  • She replies to comments and values her followers.


Get Inspired by These Small Business Blogs


Some posts to take a look to:




Pencil Shavings Studio

Rachel is the owner of Pencil Shaving Studio but she also a mom and an artist. She creates super colorful patterns that she then puts on iPhone cases, cards and pillows.

Her blog is a carbon copy of her products style: same colors and patterns.  If you love it you’ll love her products too.

  • She did a good job choosing the blog theme and putting a box on the top of the page to showcase her products.

  • She creates a lot of giveaways to attract new people to her website.

  • She shares her passions for fashion and home decor along with her personal life tips.


Get Inspired by These Small Business Blogs
Some post to take a look to:



Sixtine & Victoire

Sixtine & Victoire are the daughters of Deb, a French woman who enjoys Montessori education. On her Etsy shop she sells Montessori and Green Living Inspired Goods for Little People. It’s impossible not to be amazed by the two girls, you can feel the happiness and curiosity on their eyes.


  • The blogs is all about the Montessori method but at the same time it isn’t boring. Every concept is simple to understand thanks to the great photos she uses.

  • The posts are usually short with big photos that increase social sharing.

  • While you’re reading the blog you don’t feel like she’s selling you anything.

Get Inspired by These Small Business Blogs


Some post to take a look to:

I hope you appreciate these blogs as much as I do and find the inspiration for yours.

Do you have a blog? Put it in the comment below to be featured in the second part of the post.




  • http://www.pencilshavingsstudio.com/ Rachel – Pencil Shavings Studi

    Thanks for including me!

    • http://fanchimp.com/ Nicoletta @Fanchimp

      It was my pleasure, thanks for stopping by and leaving the comment.

  • http://verevcraftsaccessories.blogspot.it/ Verena Vaccaro

    Thanks for this post! It’s really inspirational!
    I’ll have to do hard work for mne:

    • http://fanchimp.com/ Nicoletta @Fanchimp

      Thanks Verena for leaving this comment and share with me your blog. Not so hard as you think.
      Have a nice day and if you need any help or feedback I’m available. 😉

  • Luana

    Really interesting post Nicoletta!
    Do you think that your tips could be suitable also for a facebook page?


  • randomly_happy

    You’ve picked so many of my favourites! Great round up.

    • http://fanchimp.com/ Nicoletta @Fanchimp

      Thank you for the comment, we have the same tastes! 😉

  • silvia beneforti

    Really interesting post, thanks Nicoletta! ^_^


    • http://fanchimp.com/ Nicoletta @Fanchimp

      Hi Silvia, I appreciate your comment 😉

  • Caridad Isabel Barragan

    Lot’s of great suggestions and blogs to look into!
    Thanks for the useful info.

    • http://fanchimp.com/ Nicoletta @Fanchimp

      thanks Caridad, I’m happy you find it useful. 😉

  • http://theslowcatwalk.blogspot.it/ theslowcatwalk

    I think we have a very similar taste. Love in particular Rosapina Vintage: one of my favourite blog ever.
    Great tips!

    • http://fanchimp.com/ Nicoletta @Fanchimp

      Hi Sandra, I’m happy to hear that, thanks for stopping by!

  • Alixia88

    Lovely blog^^ My favourite is Rosaspina vintage! This is my blog –> http://www.lechatgourmandbyalixia.com/

    • http://fanchimp.com/ Nicoletta @Fanchimp

      Nice to meet you Alessia, and thank you for the url to your blog. It’s lovely, the graphics, the colors, I will definitively follow you. 😉

  • Sara Max

    My favorite is Pencil Shaving studio. I love colors she used for blog and items and I like the contents! Thank you for sharing, Nicoletta!


    • http://fanchimp.com/ Nicoletta @Fanchimp

      Hello Sara, thanks for stopping by. I will now take a look to your blog. 😉

      • Sara Max

        :) It was a pleasure, I often read your posts! I’m working to improve my blog, and I hope that in the future it will be at the same level as the blogs you’ve featured! I need to work on the photos as first thing, I think!

        • Sara Max

          And…if you have any tip,it will be welcome! ;:D

          • http://fanchimp.com/ Nicoletta @Fanchimp

            I think you’re doing a great job on your blog. Your photos are very good, What I will suggest you is to write more about the story behind your product, maybe by creating a story for your little animals.
            Have a nice day!

          • Sara Max

            I think that it a great idea! Thank you! Have a nice day you too! :)

          • http://fanchimp.com/ Nicoletta @Fanchimp

            You’re more than welcome!

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