A Recap About the Latest Etsy Updates

A Recap About the Latest Etsy Updates

There’s a lot going on with Etsy lately, did you notice all the latest changes?

A Recap About the Latest Etsy Updates


After Etsy updated the Review System in late August, last week a new big change came out: New Guidelines for Sellers. As always, some were happy about the changes while others were upset and scared. So Etsy decided to clarify the new updates even more to make peace with the shops’ owners.

In case you missed all those changes, I create a quick recap to understand what will change for your handmade shop.


Etsy hits 30 millions of users


At the beginning of August, the CEO of Etsy, Chad, announced a great milestone for Etsy, 30 million users, both sellers and buyers. Along with this news, he promises big changes for the future with the objective of helping more sellers grow their businesses.
These were the three points he announced for the future of Etsy:

  • Make it easy to transact anywhere and emphasize the person-to-person shopping experience.

  • Help sellers start and grow their businesses.

  • Make the world more like Etsy.

You can read the entire post from Chad on the Etsy blog.


Etsy’s New Review System

After the announcement in April, at the end of August, Etsy updated the Review System. I personally think that this is a good and important update that helps both sellers and buyers sell and shop better.

 A Recap About the Latest Etsy Updates

Main characteristics:


  • Stars: Items are now rated using a shopper-friendly, five-star rating system. The old reviews have been translated, the old negative, neutral and positive ratings are now 1, 3 and 5 stars respectively.

  • Honesty is the key: To encourage more honest feedback, buyers’ public profile information will be displayed alongside their reviews. This only applies to new reviews; past reviews will remain anonymous.

  • Everything at the right time: We’re bringing processing and shipping information into the system, so items can only be reviewed after its likely that they’ve arrived.

  • Change your mind: Buyers can now edit their ratings and reviews directly.

What do you think? Do you have still some concerns? Take a look to the FAQ about the new system here.



A new way of explore Etsy: Pages

To enhance the shopping experience and help talented crafters get known, Etsy launched Pages, special pages managed by tastemakers like “Apartment Therapy” and Babble.


A Recap About the Latest Etsy Updates

They look like a Pinterest account, the owner can create different boards to group different types of products that they found in the marketplace.
At the beginning, Etsy hand-selected brands and bloggers who celebrate Etsy’s items and makers, now every brand and blogs can apply to have their own page.

Surf the Etsy Pages from here.

The launch of  Craft Entrepreneurship Program

After the Chad’s post, something started to move in mid September, below the claim of “Make the world more like Etsy”.
With the support of the city of Rockford, Illinois, Etsy launched the first Craft Entrepreneurship Program with the objective to teach how to use craft skills to build a business and earn income.

Today the program started in New York city as well. To learn more about the program or to get involved, take a look to the website.

The new guidelines

The biggest change was for sure the introduction of the new guidelines for the sellers last week. After the announcement, sellers and bloggers started talking about it, I read words like “scary”, “unfair”, “confusion” and “factories”, and I first decided to not debate but just listen.

I think there was some confusion on the announcement, but now, after all the clarification they made, it’s clear that there were some misunderstanding.

A Recap About the Latest Etsy Updates

If you have time to watch the talk of Chad, you will have a more clear vision of what the new guidelines mean for your business.

 Else, you can just read  the key points of the new guidelines:


  • Everything on Etsy must be Handmade, Vintage, or a Craft Supply. That is still true, no factories, no big companies like Nike are allowed.

  • Reselling is buying an item and selling it unchanged, as if it were your handmade creation. On Etsy, that’s not allowed. That rule is not changing with the new guidelines.

  • Be honest. Partnering with an outside business is okay, but we’ll require you to be honest about how your items are made.  For example, you can work with a foundry that casts jewelry you’ve designed, a studio that fires pottery you’ve thrown, or a factory that cuts and sews clothing you’ve created. Read everything about it in this page.

  • Sellers who partner with manufacturers will have to be approved by Etsy before listing those items in their shops. You can apply using this form.

  • Have an About Page. It will require little time, but in the new year, Etsy will require that every shop have an about shop page.

  • You can use shipping and fulfillment services. If you want to dedicate all your time creating your products, you must do it. Now you can freely hire a person that can help you out with shipping and related services.

  • Provide Great Customer Service. You have the responsibility to take care of your customers.


Here the sources of the recap above:



Finally, a preview about what will happen in November


Starting in November, Etsy will offer phone support for members who have questions about Direct Checkout or shop suspensions.

You will be able to request a call from your account, adding some information about your problem. This way they will have some time to look into your shop and your problem, and then provide you a quick solution by calling you after 10 minutes.

I hope you found my post interesting, and if you have more questions or you want to add some thoughts, please leave a comment