Facebook Page Best Practices

Managing a Facebook Page isn’t as simple as it may appear once you’ve opened it. You have to share content regularly and it has to be good in order to obtain results.  Small businesses like you often ask me about what, when and why to post, so I decided to create this article to help you understand best practices for your Facebook Page.


Facebook Page Best Practices


Truly understand and keep in mind the meaning of Social Media Marketing

If you’ve been following me for a while you will immediately think “I know that, you already spoke about it”.  That’s great, I’m happy your remember and have understood this concept.

For those of you who are new, Social Media Marketing isn’t just about having different accounts on different social networks.  It’s about creating a strategy to entertain a community of fan/followers and build a relationship with them.  You can read more about this in the following articles:




Share your personality along with your products

Sharing your products is legitimate but adding a personal touch is suggested. On the A Banch of Fashion Facebook Page, you’ll find different lovely ideas that Marina uses to show her products.



The only suggestion I’d like to add is to always shorten the long links like the one above.  It helps the readability of the text. You can use Bit.ly or Goo.gl services.




Create content visually appealing

If you are a blogger like Breanna, it’s important to attach a visually appealing photo to every post you write.  You can later reuse it by sharing it on Facebook and other social networks.

When you share photos with text on it, try to put a different text on the description, so you won’t to be repetitive. Also, keep it short!




Shoot photos while you’re working

This is one of the first suggestion I give to small business, you doesn’t need a great camera, just your phone and it takes just a little time. Whatever work you do, shoot some photos while you’re doing it.   When you have a minute of free time, sit down and download a retouching app to enhance your photos, I suggest Moldiv or BeFunky.

Finally download the photos onto your computer and design your marketing strategy.  Take a look at Tiny Hands page for inspiration.


Shoot photos while you're working


I hope these ideas were interesting and if you need an advices or another idea, please let me know.