Gary Vayerchuk’s Best Advice on Social Media Marketing

Last week I was looking at my Facebook feed when I saw a video about Social Media Marketing, in particularly it was an interview with Gary Vaynerchuk made by Marie Forleo on her blog.

After 10 minutes watching the video I was so impressed by the enthusiasm and the knowledge that Gary was sharing in it that I decided to write this post to highlight the more significative part of the interview.


Gary Vayerchuk's Best Advice on Social Media Marketing


Who is Gary?

If you don’t already know Gary it’s time for you to met him. Gary is is co-founder and CEO of a social media brand consulting agency, video blogger, co-owner and director of operations of a wine retail store, and an author and public speaker on the subjects of social media, brand building and e-commerce. (


What I like about him instead of other guys talking and writing about social media marketing is that he is spontaneous and he’s not afraid of saying things. For example if you take a look to his website and blog you’ll see different post with the word “critique”, where he critiques the way brands do social media marketing.

The interview he did with Marie Forleo was for the publishing of his new book: “Jab Jab Jab, Right Hook”, which I’m reading right now and I will create a post about it in the near future. If you want to see some funny facts about the book, Gary made an infographic for Pinterest.



Put more effort on your job

When Marie asked to Gary,

“What do you think are some of the big mistakes people are making about Social Media?” he quickly reply that for him “People don’t put too much effort on their job”.


To understand better what he meant, here’s an example: there are times when you go to buy something from a shop or on the internet and at the end you’re happy because you love the item you bought and also because the experience of buying it was pleasant. Then other times you just forget about the shop and everything because the experience was bad or not so remarkable.

Gary suggests to put more efforts when you’re talking with a customer, when you’re preparing a pack to send it to them, etc…

When people feel that you’re there to help them and you care about them they will remember it and you as well.



Content vs Context

That’s point is something Gary said almost in every post on his blog, it means that you need to create different types of content depending on the social media you’re using (the context).

If for example you want to share a discount for your new collection with your fans, you have to customize the message for the different platform. So a big image with the text on it for Pinterest, some photos of your products with a catchy description for Facebook, etc…

Of course for a small business that’s not always possible because you can’t invest too much time on customizing and sharing content.  What I suggest you do is to customize the content for the platform you care the most about and for all the others use a tool that can help you organize your content and publish it in the best way possible depending on the social network. The tools available are different, Buffer and Hootsuite are the famous ones, Fanchimp is the one I created and it’s made in particular for small businesses.



Automatically republish Tweets on Facebook, because they don’t look right and they will lower your visibility on Facebook.


Put too many hashtags, because they lower the comprehension of the text, two or three per post are enough.





Some ideas:


  • Twitter is good for: Quotes, Blog post titles.
  • Pinterest is good for: Infographic, Big photos with a claim, Typography quotes.
  • Tumblr is good for: Animated gifs, Typography quotes, Fashion products.
  • Facebook is good for: Attractive photos with short description, Provocative photos, Humor.



People are not thinking enough

When you decided to create a new line of products, did you think about your target customer, the prices and did you plan a photo shoot? All of this is part of a strategy that you should decide before even starting to create products. Why you didn’t you do the same with marketing?

Gary noticed too many companies, big and small, don’t have a strategy at all behind their marketing efforts and that is causing them to waste time and money. A plan doesn’t have to be very detailed or with a long term, it just has to be created.

I perfectly understand that a small business doesn’t have a marketing person that could create the plan for them, but I still recommend a general strategy to stick to.


What is important to plan:

  • What social networks are you going to use? From one to infinity there’s not a good answer, you have to decide depending on how much time do you have and how much do you like the particular social media.

  • Is a blog something that will fit you and your business? Open a blog is a big deal, don’t just open it without a specific purpose and plan about what are you going to write about. Be careful about the language you choose too.

  • How much time you’ll need? This is something very important to know and it’s important you evaluate your time as money. Social networks are free to use but the time you use to post isn’t. Understand if you’ll need to purchase services to help you save time and optimize your campaign.



The thank you economy

The thank you economy is a way to see life very simple and very effective on you and who is around you. It’s a concept Gary highlights in every book and pitch he does and it’s something that can really change your day.

 That’s the Thank You economy from the exact words of Gary:

Be gentle, be personal, be you. If you don’t give a shit about people, you’re done.



Thank you Card by OhNorachio


As you may know, I grew up in a very small city in which I almost knew everybody, that developed in me a really strong sense of community and the habit of helping each other. Now that I run a business, I continue to act the same with my customers and they really appreciate it because they know who I am.

When you care about other people they start caring about you

I can’t say the same about London, especially about my neighborhood where people don’t say hello to you when you enter the elevator and they neither reply, no thank you when you helped them out with the garbage or at the door. What a lovely community!


Did you know what happened to me on New Year’s Eve?

I was at my apartment waiting for friends to arrive and couldn’t open the main door of the property but just the door of my building. I went down to open the door for my friends, who hadn’t arrived yet.  Instead, there was a guy who was struggling to find his key to enter, so I thought why not help him out by opening him the door.  What a mistake! He entered and looked at me angrily (who knows why).  I said “You could at least say thank you” and he started yelling at me!  I got really scared but then fortunately he hurried away. That completely ruined my New Year’s Eve.



How do Social Networks work?

Everybody thinks about Social Networks as distribution channels to bring you tons of visitors, I think they are places to tell stories.

This quote is one of my favorite Gary said during the interview and I’m sure I will reuse it often because I’m struggling to communicate to small businesses that just sending posts about their products won’t help them succeed on social media.


So start telling stories to your fans along with your products, share your inspirations with them, your taste, your life and they will like you.

Think about the psychology of why somebody is on a particular social networks (facebook, pinterest, etc…) and understand how you have to enter it to catch their attention.

For example, why are mostly females on Pinterest? Statistics say that:

  • They have the intent of buying something.
  • They aspire to buy that

That’s different from when they’re surfing their Facebook feed and for this reason you have to tell different stories in different ways.

Final thoughts

All I know how to do it is to DO. I feel like if I do, I still I have the respect or the authority to be able to talk about it.


All I know how to do it is to DO.  I feel like, if I do then at least I still have the respect or the authority to be able to talk about it.

If you have any questions please write them and I will reply asap.