How To Do Photo Editing of Your Etsy Products

How To Do Photo Editing of Your Etsy Products

Having great photos increases your sales on Etsy. This is a fact. This is true because the photos – the presentation of your products – reflect the perceived quality of the products you’re selling. This is a general rule of marketing: the presentation is the product.

We’ve already seen what kind of photos you should shoot and how to shoot them. Now I want to explain to you how to photo-edit to improve the photos that you’re shooting. Until now, only photo experts were able to do this but, recently, a few web tools have been born that will make photo-editing easier.

Now, I’m going to make it even easier for you. I’m going to teach every Etsy seller how to improve their product’s photos in just a few quick steps.



BeFunky, your new best friend

Requiring you to learn Photoshop in order to do just some adjustments would not be realistic. It requires too much energy for just a few corrections that really matter to you. Today, I’m going to teach you how to use BeFunky, a web application that allows you to upload your photos, make the adjustments and download them again. This way, you don’t have to install anything. It just works.

It’s also great because you don’t have to share your information, your photos, or pay for the service. The first step is to open the website and then click on the Upload button (top bar, blue button), click My Computer, select a photo of a product and you’re ready!




What can I improve in a photo?

Technically speaking, there are tons of improvements you can do, but usually Etsy sellers need to improve just a few aspects of their photos. I will cover just the more important ones that impact your sales.


Highlights and Shadows

Photo-editing Photos of Etsy Products - Highlights Increasing the Highlights means you will make the area that is supposed to be white more white. If you shoot photos without much light, on a white backdrop especially, the white areas will be grey.

Click on the label Highlights/Shadows, increase the Highlights up to 1.5/1.6 maximum, then Apply.

Don’t use values that I’ve specified to you as is. Use them as a reference, judging your specific situation. Increase or decrease this value until you think the photo is improved.

Increasing the Shadows means to make black areas more black. It’s common that when you shoot photos of black objects they appear more grey than black. The reason is because you don’t have the right light. You can generally increase the Shadows up to 0.15, depending on the need.





Photo-editing Photos of Etsy Products - Saturation Increase the Saturation will increase how colorful the image is. All the colors will become more intense. Usually you want to increase the Saturation up to 6 points. More than that will burn the colors which means the colors will be too intense and fake. You can also decrease the Saturation if the colors are already too intense or if you want to make the photo Black & White.





Photo-editing Photos of Etsy Products - Straighten Straighten a photo is necessary only when the object isn’t perfectly horizontal or vertical. You just need to move the Straighten cursor more left or right until the object (or the surface where it lays) is parallel to the grid’s lines. The more you Straighten the photo, the bigger the subject becomes. This is because the app needs to cut part of the photo in order to keep it a rectangle. You cannot do anything about it, just keep in mind that’s normal.





Photo-editing Photos of Etsy Products - Crop

It’s useful to zoom the photo in to crop unwanted parts of the image (maintaining the proportions or not). It’s particularly useful to crop the image in a square, since Etsy will show squared photos of your products. You just have to click on Crop, select Square, then click and drag the black dots on the corner of the selection. I suggest you keep in mind the Rule of the Thirds when cropping in order to have more powerful images.




Save the photo

Now that you’ve made all the changes you needed to, you have to save the image again on your computer so you can upload it to Etsy. Just click on the Save & Share button. If on, switch off the BeFunky switch (so the image will not be shared in their network), click Save, select JPG and set the Quality to maximum. Then Save. You’re done! You now have great images that will help you sell more.




As always…

Thanks for reading! If you have any advice to help me improve this guide, use the comment box below.