How to Setup an Email Newsletter for your Etsy Customers

Published on: May 20 2013 by Nicoletta Donadio

Last week I received an email from Martha asking how she can send an email to all her previous customers. For that reason, I decided to do this tutorial on how to create a newsletter for your customers.

How to Setup an Email Newsletter for your Etsy Customers

First of all, an Email Newsletter is a simple email, usually with graphics, designs, and images, that you send periodically, weekly or monthly, to a particular contact list that you created to inform them about your shop.
In the example of Martha, she wanted to send a newsletter to all her previous customers to inform them about new products, offers, etc.

For this purpose, you need to use a service that helps you manage your contacts, emails sent and statistics. So I decide to use MadMimi, because it is super simple and it’s integrated with Etsy, so it permits you to easily put your products in the email newsletter.


Let’s start

We start by opening an account on Mad Mimi, choosing one of the plan that they offer.  You can grab the free plan by clicking “grab the free plan” at the bottom of the page.


MadMimi plans

Then you have to complete the required fields to sign up or do it quickly by using Facebook or Twitter. In 3 minutes, you’re ready to start your first email newsletter.

Linking Mad Mimi with Etsy

If you want to integrate your Etsy shop, just go to this page and search the Etsy Addons. It’s free. Then go to set it up, you just have to paste the name of your shop.


Etsy integration MadMimi

Create a Contact List

The first thing we have to do is import the contact list to whom we want to send the email newsletter.

  • For do that click on “Audience” just below the logo of Mad Mimi then click on the orange button “Add contacts” in the top right of the page
  • There are different ways to import your contacts and Mad Mimi permits you to do it in a lot of different ways, choose the one that fits you best and proceed to import your contacts
  • Finally click on “Add to list” and name the list depending on the people that are on it, for example “Customers” or “Blog Reader”


Import contacts


  • When you have finished. you will see something like that. If you didn’t see anything different try to reload the page



Import contacts


Now we can come back to the Dashboard where we will create the email newsletter.


Start to design your Newsletter

What do you want to say to your previous customers? Let’s create, for example, a newsletter where we invite them to view your new products and grab a promotion that you created just for them.

  • Click on the big button “Compose” and you will be redirected to a page where you can watch a video or take inspiration from other users’ newsletters
  •  Choose the name of your newsletter and Click on “Save”
  • Then you have to put the banner of your shop, the perfect width is 590px, but if yours is bigger, Mad Mimi will help you crop it
  • I created the image below that will help you to understand how to design your newsletter


 How to Setup an Email Newsletter for your Etsy Customers

  • Start to add text and images to your email and then look at the preview to see the final result
  • I started with a simple welcome text. I put a personal greeting using an option that Mad Mimi gives us. If you write, for example, “Hi (firstname)”, the message will be customize automatically for every person, the results will be: “Hi Anna” or “Hi Nick”, etc.. This will work if you provided the first name when you uploaded the contact list, if you just uploaded the email address it would be impossible.
    If you don’t have the First Name for everyone, you might want to display something instead of leaving it blank. So use the “fallback” parameter as shown in the example below: Dear (firstname,fallback=Customer)



Email Newsletter

  • Then I added the photo of one of my new items and the coupon code. Finally, I sent the email


Email Newsletter


  • After one or two days from sending the email, you can watch the statistics about how many people open your email, how many read it and if somebody unsubscribed from your newsletter


Email Newsletter


I hope that you understand every step of this tutorial. If you have any problems or questions, please leave a comment or send me an email.

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