Key Points for a Memorable Etsy Shop

It’s pretty simple to open a shop on Etsy or on a similar platform but no one tells you (at the beginning) that in order to become successful there’s a long road ahead. You have to take care of your product’s photos, bring traffic, handle the inventory, and do customer care. But there are some important aspects that are simple to do but sometimes the sellers didn’t think of or take the time to review them. Let’s see what they are.


Key Points for a Memorable Etsy Shop


What’s behind your brand?

It’s difficult for visitor that comes to your Etsy shop to remember, after some days, the name of your brand. But, there’s a way to make sure that they remember it and share it with their friends. You have to impress them with the story behind your brand. Make it fabulous. If you tell me that you started to sell on Etsy because you were trying to make more money for your family, it doesn’t seem so impressive to me, and I won’t remember you or your brand. I’m not telling you that you have to fabricate a story for your brand because I’m sure that all of you have a great story to tell, you just have to write it in the right way.

Watch for inspirations

Here I selected some awesome story that I found on Etsy.

If you want to know more about the “About Page” on Etsy, I suggest you to read also our previous post: “The importance of your shop’s About page on Etsy


Make a line cohesive with your brand

Your products have to speak for you. Just by looking you can tell that a dress from Cavalli is different from one made by Valentino. Your products have to have a particular characteristic that say you made it. When someone visits your shop they should feel your touch in every product and every graphic. Take care of your banner, you logo, your photos, and make them cohesive.  Make sure that your brand messaging makes sense across all platforms. Use the same touch when you’re posting on Facebook, when you decided to print some flyers or business cards, etc.
You can feel that looking at this shops:

 Key Points for a Memorable Etsy Shop

Products from ABanchOfFashion, RootsSoapCo, WineStoneBirdhouses, WildJuniper


Why are your product special?

This is another aspect that can make the visitor say, “I want it now!” Of course it’s difficult to achieve this but you can improve your shop to get closer to this goal.
Lately I have met with a lot of Etsy sellers. They are all special people with a lot of determination and all have an awesome story. I noticed that some of them are doing better selling their product. What’s important:

Naming a products

A good name is clear, short, and contains the right keyword(s). To start, write a list of keywords that can describe your product, the more the better.

Here I wrote some example for a dress for little girl: Dress, Girl, Little girl, Spring, Summer, Colorful, Kids, Floral, Baby, Children dress, Cotton, Wool, Easy to wear, Play dress.

Keep an eye on your shop stats to find the keyword(s) that visitors search for when they find your shop and add them to the initial list. When you have to name a new product pick from that list and try to choose different tags for each products so you can reach more people. Last but not least, remember that the name is useful because people use “Search” to find what they’re looking for. After that, they didn’t read the names to choose what product to open; they just look at the photos.

Product description

After a visitor opens your product’s page, because they were impressed by your product’s picture, they will immediately look for the price and the description.

  • Make sure that your description is exhaustive, short, and kind. People will notice and feel if you have written a description in 2 minutes, without any care to who will read it.
  • Use bullet points and several little paragraphs. It’s more simple to read and less boring. If you don’t like bullet points you can use other graphics, look at some examples from other shops:  Girl Maxi Dress Description, WildJuniperYou, CuteAndCoolDesigns.
  • Make sure to put some links to other products that might interest them. This product may not draw them in because of the particular size or color. For example, if the product was a dress, search your shop for “dress” then copy the link  and propose it on your items description. You can also propose alternatives or add a link to your story and who you are. Look what others sellers have done: Layla from Birdhouse, Anna from RootSoapCo, Chrissi from ScriptureWallArt.
  • Make sure that you reply to every question your customer might want to ask you. Read my previous article to know the questions: The List of Questions Your Buyers are Asking to Your Etsy Shops.



I already previously posted about this because, as you know, it’s the most important thing after creating great quality products. So as not to repeat myself, I have created a list of my previous postings:


I hope you found my post interesting and that you have learned something new. Have a great day!