Quality photographs count! A key point when selling on Etsy

Before all those new shoppers arrive at your Etsy online shop it is important to make sure your images look great.

Quality photographs count! A key point when selling on Etsy

(Photos from Calico Juno Design, Bellalulu, SuJinBiJou, My Pillow Studio)

I’m a designer and I understand the importance of a pleasing layout and quality images. A beautiful picture can make the difference in a successful online sale.

An Etsy shop’s design is represented by the website’s header and the product photographs. The focused selling point of most shops are the product photos. The quality of the photos is vital to customers because online buyer’s are unable to physically touch your products. The photograph must accurately convey the color, texture, size, feel and weight of the actual product. The fine detail of your product needs to be absorbed by the reader through your picture.

The most successful approach is to deliver a creative photo which grabs the attention of your online customers. The exciting traits of your product need to show through and peak the viewer’s interest causing them to pause and request more information. Your product needs to stand out amongst all the other items for sale online. This is especially true on web sites outside of the Etsy platform like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. On these spaces, your photos must define themselves and become the online protagonist.

Hire a professional:

Employing a professional photographer is one of the quickest paths to an improved photograph. The increase in sales from a quality photo can even cover the professional fees. If you want to take this route, I suggest you read more about “How to hire a professional photographer to improve your sales“.

Take a photography lesson:

If you possess creativity and have time to learn, taking a short class in photography could prove very helpful. Direct lessons from a professional can also be easier than many tutorials. Most students can absorb more information by having the photography process explained in a face to face style environment.

Here are some great classes online:

  • Shoot It! A Product Photography Primer. Knitter and photographer Caro Sheridan explains it all – from planning before the shoot to editing after, and all the details in between. ($49)
  • Product Photography for E-commerce. Using a practical approach, Dane covers objects from collectible coins to real estate, and the lessons can be applied to just about anything that can be sold online. ($25/monthly)
  • ShootFlyShot.  Photography 101 is a training class designed for beginners.This class is for people who own DSLR cameras.  (69$)

Improve your photos:

If you already have photography skills and you want to improve the quality of  your photos, I have selected some tutorials here which may help improve your style.

If you want to understand more about lighting techniques and and how to shoot quality photos at home, I suggest you read my previous article entitled: How to Shoot Great Photos of Accessories and Clothes at Home or How to Shoot Great Photos of Jewels for Etsy (Stones, Bijoux, Croquets).

If you need ideas or inspiration to create great work, I suggest you to checkout my Pinterest board with the best product photography along with these ideas on how to photograph your handmade jewelry