Your First Week as an Etsy Seller – Top 5 To Do’s

Your First Week as an Etsy Seller - Top 5 'To Do's'



Being successful on Etsy is a hidden secret – the fact is that there is no right, wrong, perfect, horrible, or standard way of selling. Each of the products on the site is very different and unique which is exactly why customers are there in the first place. They want a handmade product. Figuring out and creating a product that will sell is the easy part. Actually making the sale is the true test of success.

Getting started in any business is quite a cumbersome task, but an online business presents an entirely different set of challenges.

The first week can be the most daunting of them all as one embarks on a journey that has the potential to build followers, loyal customers, and a community of people coming together.

There are hundreds of “to do’s” going through the mind of of a new seller on Etsy within the first week, and it’s most important to develop a plan before the action. I’ve put together my top 5 most important “to do’s” to focus on during the first week as a guide for those just starting out as a starting point for any Etsy store.


Beginning the marketing process

Since the medium for your store is on the web, it is critical to create pages on social media to promote your products and store.

Customers want to connect with the person behind the product, and this is a way that they can directly access what the seller is making.

You can provide updates on new items, integrate your store into your Facebook page, and pin hundreds of ideas on Pinterest. To give you an idea of the success of these mediums, I gained 4 individual sales through Facebook in my first week. I also generated 74 hits on my store from Pinterest due to one prominent blogger pinning 1 of my items. These tools are there for a reason. They are easy to use, simple to setup, and best of all – they are FREE!


Create a marketable brand using design that fits your products – what will attract your customers?

Even if it takes you a few hours, create a consistent look among all of your products in your store. Develop a brand (whether it’s the brand name of the store or another creative spin off) that people can follow. Create packaging that looks attractive and markets your brand name on the front of it. This is something super simple yet so impactful. Customers don’t just want a product, they want a quality product. The more consistent the brand, logo, and overall storefront are, the more professional your business will be. To provide feedback on this, I recently setup a booth at my first craft show. There were two other booths selling the same items I had, but there was one noticeable difference. My brand was everywhere – I had business cards, a large banner, and all labels, tags, and items had my logo. I received quite a bit of feedback complimenting me on my professional design.


Designate time every day to promoting your store – think outside the box

Although we have extremely busy lives, it’s important to make time every day to enhance your store.

Whether you take 5 minutes and make a mass Facebook post to check out new products or you spend time retaking all of the photos to make them better on the site, there is always a way to better it.

It’s important to dedicate a specific amount of time per day to this. With the availability of phone applications, it’s easy to do this on the go. Think outside the box on how you can market your store better, more efficiently, and to the right customers.


Spend a significant amount of time fixing/updating your products to be as accurate as possible.

Make sure you check, double check, and triple check the photography, explanations, and information on your posted items. Make it accurate and exactly what customers are going to get. This will ensure that they are getting exactly what you say they will.


Research the internet and fellow sellers of stores for best practices

There are hundreds of resources on the internet geared toward helping Etsy sellers build great stores. Find blogs that pertain to your products and request that they are highlighted. Join the Etsy communities, Facebook groups, and other sources of great information that will help you build a list of things to do to market your site. With those, try doing two per day. Some might be small and others might be a bit more work.

It’s best to keep following those best practices so that you will have updates and better information as it becomes available. Best of luck in the sales!

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About the Author:

Kersten Kelly-Brunner is the owner of Purple Mache. She is an advocate for handmade items created with care, thought, and creativity. She loves to try new DIY projects and is always looking to network with other DIY crafters and bloggers. She lives with her husband just outside of Chicago.

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